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We have a clear vision that to manage the career of a player is not only being a mediator of transfers, but also to supply the different necessities presented during their career and interests that require professional and multidisciplinary support. As such, Pecbol Sports takes care of their clients in a unique way, with the assistance of efficient professionals.

Our service package includes:

We meet the diverse,
needs of the athlete ,
during his entire career.

Negotiating Contracts

We provide client assistance in negotiations and contract renewal, image rights, advertising, and other areas. With the help of legal advice and the support of licensed agents, we consider all legal aspects of our client’s contracts.

Family and Personal Assistance

Constant travel and relocation is a common scenario in the life of a professional athlete. We provide a supportive manager during these times to maintain our client’s focus at work and his family’s peace of mind.

Personal Marketing

We create and maintain the image of the client. Specific attention is paid to the client’s biotype, personality, results, the best types of media coverage (including exposure and exposure frequency), and his life in the public eye. We also consider the achievement of team and personal goals as well as provide professional media courses for our clients.

Promotional Material Of Athlete

The public image of the athlete is one of his greatest assets. So all our video material is produced to a high professional standard and includes the athlete’s best goals, assists, etc…

Conflict Resolution

We make sure our representative is available to the athlete so as to avoid any kind of conflict and to act to minimize the consequences in the event of a dispute.

Legal Advice

Our company has partnered with the best sports lawyers to assist the athlete in the event of a legal need.

Financial Planning

We strive to increase the player’s income over time and help create an effective plan to maximize financial resources. Investment advice, tax planning and income tax support are all part of the services offered.