Pedro Henrique celebrates great performance against Flamengo —

Pedro Henrique celebrates great performance against Flamengo


Pedro Henrique has experienced different emotions in his short career as a professional player. There are less than two weeks, the 20 year old defender left the Mineirao Stadium in tears for having committed a serious failure in the defeat by 2-1 to Atletico-MG. On Sunday, he received a standing ovation in Itaquera Stadium.

“Thank God, I got the confidence of the group, Coach Cristovão and all to continue my career,” celebrated a lively Pedro Henrique after the victory 4-0 over Flamengo.

The good performance gave credits to the beginner because victory did not occur against any opponent. Pedro Henrique proved to be safe and made good tackles to score the Peruvian striker Paolo Guerrero.

– It is Pedro Henrique! It is Pedro Henrique! It is Pedro Henrique! “Vibrated the public corinthiano present in Itaquera, in the moment when the novice fell out with Guerrero.

Before the fans, the coach Cristóvão Borges already praised Pedro Henrique. Tite substitute has defended the defender with many accolades right from the error that provoked the cry in Belo Horizonte.

“In that game, said that this is a great defender Corinthians future. I had no doubt about that. I had seen him play. And out of that failure, he played very well against Atletico-MG. He is a sensational boy , very talented”, Cristovão continued to exalt now proud.

As proof of his confidence, the coach did not let Pedro Henrique out against Flamengo. The silver of the house might have missed the opportunity to stand out against Guerrero.

Text: Hélder Júnior / Gazeta Esportiva

Photo: Djalma Vassão / Gazeta Press